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Terms & Conditions


Rachel’s People Ltd issues the following terms and conditions to every person (artiste) wishing to be represented by the company. It is essential that the terms and conditions are read carefully and thoroughly as they provide the binding contract between you and Rachel’s People Casting Ltd.


When you submit your application to be registered with the agency, you agree to that you will be bound by and adhere to all aspects of this contract. For steps on how to make an application please apply here

It is fundamental prior to applying that you agree that you:

Submitting an application is not a guarantee that you will be taken on and represented by the agency. Any successful applicants will be notified and given guidance on the proceeding steps.


The role of the agency is to seek for appropriate work for the artiste and offer them such work on a self employed basis. No registered artiste is an employee of Rachel’s People Casting Ltd.


As an agency Rachel's People Casting Ltd endeavour to contact you occasionally to offer you bookings. Rachel’s People Casting Ltd cannot guarantee that we can offer you bookings during any specific period of time.

From the work that is offered, you are not required to accept any bookings. Once work/booking has been accepted, you agree that you have availability with no evening commitments for the whole day. This also applies for bookings that are deemed to have a time frame attached such as costume fittings and shift calls. From time to time Rachel's People Casting Ltd will contact you regarding your availability and will in turn pencil you for a specific job. You agree that by accepting to be pencilled you have kept yourself free until someone at the agency contacts you to confirm or release the pencil.

When you are contacted regarding work, you will always be given the name and date of a production. It is vital that you keep a note of these very important bits of information.

If for any reason you become unavailable for a booking or a pencil, it is essential that you contact the person at Rachel’s People Casting Ltd that booked you to notify them of the change in your availability. If you do not honour a booking without good reason, Rachel’s People Casting Ltd reserves the right to remove you from our books.

When a booking has been accepted, you agree that you will confirm your attendance the day before the engagement by contacting the office either by text or phone call before 7pm. If you do not comply with reconfirmation, Rachel’s People Casting Ltd reserves the right to replace you without further notice. This may in turn result in you being permanently removed from our books.

Production companies are entitled to cancel bookings at any time prior to your engagement. Rachel's People Casting Ltd will notify you of any monies that are due to you if applicable as a result of a cancellation fee. Cancellation fees are paid in line with the agreement that specific productions work in accordance with.


Rachel's People Casting Ltd expects that all artistes registered with the agency will have a professional and positive work ethic at all times and under all circumstances. Your behaviour on and off set is a representation of you as an individual; you are also an extension of and representing the agency. Rachel’s People Casting Ltd expects that you maintain professionalism when undertaking any project that Rachel’s People Casting Ltd has given you.


When undertaking all jobs, you may have access to confidential information regarding the operation of a production.

Many productions will make you sign their own confidentiality agreements either on the day or prior to the day of engagement. They are normally embedded within their chit (salary voucher), release forms or non disclosure agreements.

This information must not be disclosed to any external party, either during your booking or after. Whilst on set you are prohibited from making any sound recording, taking any photographic or video footage on any personal device.

The work that you carry out and the productions that you work on must not be published on any social media platform. No social media platform is exempt from this. Photographs, comments, websites, publications, blogs and the use of any hashtag are all prohibited.

You are not authorised to make any statements to the press. Nor must you contact any journalist, newspaper, magazine, social media platform or any other form of publication regarding your work or productions that you have worked on. Any requests are to be forwarded to the agency.

Immediate consequences of breaches in any confidentiality will result in the artiste being removed from the agency without any further contact. This may in turn be pursued through the courts; with monetary damages being claimed and even criminal charges.

Data Protection

The 1998 Data Protection Act protects information held by companies about individuals and enforces a set of standards for processing such information. Within the act it gives guidelines that all data shall only be for specific purposes and not used or disclosed in any way incompatible with these purposes. When submitting your information to and also notifying the agency of any changes in your information, you agree that all the data you submit is true and correct. The artiste is responsible for the accuracy of all the details that you provide to the agency.

The agency will keep certain aspects of your data on file and only uses your data in the purpose of contacting you with offers of work.

You give your consent that some of your data may be used by Third parties (Assistant directors, producers, costume department, makeup department and other members of the production team) to contact you only regarding confirmed and unconfirmed work with the agency.

Rachel's People Casting Ltd will keep an archive of your details for the duration of your registration with the agency and also after termination of your contract.

Rachel's People Casting Ltd will endeavour to keep your details safe and secure.


All registered artistes are required to have a current disclosure certificate. A basic disclosure is the most common and lowest level of disclosure available. The artiste is required to pay for the disclosure themselves and give a copy of it to the agency. The certificate is only valid when it is created and not for a specific length of time. Rachel’s Casting Ltd recommends that a new certificate is presented to the agency every 18 months if no changes have occurred. If there have been changes which could affect the validity of the certificate, it is the responsibility of the artiste to inform the agency immediately.


There are no upfront fees payable. The agency charge an annual fee of £50 + VAT which will automatically deducted from your first job with the agency and at a similar time each year. There is a 50% reduction in this fee for any registered artiste aged 70 and over at the time payable for the annual fee. This fee covers our administration costs, web & database design and your inclusion of all suitable castings. This fee is non refundable. We deduct 15% + VAT commission from all fees that you attend on behalf of the agency as a background supporting artiste. For any featured television, photographic, corporate and commercial work we will deduct 20% + VAT commission.


You give your consent for Rachel’s People Casting Ltd to collect all payments for bookings on your behalf. No registered artiste shall receive fees directly from any production. If you do, we are entitled to invoice you for the agreed commission rate and payment is due immediately upon issue of the invoice.

Payments received of cleared funds from the production company are made within 10 days. These payments are made directly into your bank account; we will deduct our commission and pay the remaining funds into your account.

It is essential that all account details given to the agency are correct, as these are the ones that we use. The agency must also be notified immediately of any changes in account details. We are unable to recover any funds that have been paid into accounts that are no longer in use.

Once a payment has been processed you will receive an email remittance advice detailing the fees and any deductions.

Personal Injury

Rachel’s People Casting Ltd are not liable for the loss or damage to any personal possessions or for any injury (unless caused by our negligence) whilst you are travelling to/ from and on set. The production is responsible for the artiste’s personal injury insurance whilst on set.

Tax and National Insurance

For the purposes of tax and national insurance you are classified as self employed. All artistes registered with the agency and self employed individuals are responsible for paying their own contributions to both. This currently includes Class 2 NICs (National Insurance Contributions) and Class 4 NICs.


Rachel’s People Casting Ltd reserves the right to terminate the contract and remove any artiste from our books without further reason. The artiste is in turn able to terminate this contract at any time, by giving the agency notification of the request. Any monies that are due to an artiste for bookings made prior to the termination will still be made.

Updates- Personal

It is the responsibility of the individual to notify the agency of changes to any of the information that has been submitted to the agency. These changes may include personal details such as telephone number, address, bank details etc. It is vital that any changes to your personal appearance are immediately noted as we expect that images that we have of you are a true likeness.

Updates- General

The contents of this contract may be altered and or amended at any time. You will be notified in writing of any such changes. This agreement supersedes and replaces any and all previous agreements between the artiste and the agency. Each term, clause and provision of this agreement is separate and severable.